MDM Architect

Location: coral springs, fl
Date Posted: 09-29-2015
Our client has a immediate need for a contractor who is a MDM Architect, this is a straight contract position. 

Coral Springs, Florida
Type of Engagement:
            MDM project has been in flight for most of this year. ABB are a TIBCO shop and have selected TIBCO MDM but have an TIBCO MDM. 
            MDM Architect but are seeking someone who can lead from an overall MDM strategy perspective.
MDM Project Highlights:
Under the current model and architecture, ABB runs various web applications and have multiple systems which produce, modify and consume the Product Master data. These systems were developed over time to address the needs of specific business units and product lines. Some product lines were enhanced by ABB and have their own applications and data repositories. This makes consolidated reporting, business monitoring, financial consolidation, and the development of new applications difficult, costly, and time consuming. Also some of the systems are not futuristic and have limitations to add new products and attributes, as needed by business.
At the same time, ABB is increasingly developing business strategies and objectives that require an enterprise view and management of Master Data. In order to more fully support its vision and business strategy, ABB has decided to create Master Data Management Solution. This platform will be the go-forward Source and single-version-of-truth of master data for business information delivery and will enable business units and stakeholders to access, retrieve, and share accurate and timely information. It will enable the centralization of information for analysis and reporting of Master Data.
The Master Data Management Program includes a formal organization, defined processes that cross both program and project activities, established metrics for success, and ongoing data quality improvement activities.
Program goals include:
Ø  To leverage data silo across the organizations to gain a single 3600 view of enterprise entities like Product, Customer, and Supplier.
Ø  To streamline the flow (data and process), processing, and storage of data to improve access by implementing a single logical master data store.
Ø  To establish a data governance group for control of master data and governance policies and rules at the enterprise-level.
Ø  To deliver comprehensive, consistent, relevant and timely master data to the business, regardless of its application, use, or origin by:
v  By Improving metadata coordination between the applications from different product lines
v  Standardizing and Normalizing the master data from silo and disparate systems
Ø  To deliver a complete, consistent, up-to-date, accurate, governed, Just-in-Time 360-degree view of business entities across enterprise with TIBCO’s Master Data Management Solutions
Ø  To provide increased ROI by leveraging/rationalizing existing infrastructure, resources and people.
The program will enable the following benefits:
Ø  Increasing operational efficiency by reducing manual processes and workarounds to compensate for lack of data quality.
Ø  Facilitating common definitions of business data and enables conformance with corporate policies.
Ø  Assigning accountability for acquiring, managing, storing, disseminating, and disposing of data.
Ø  Ensuring standard and auditable metadata and allows for improved controls.
Ø   Identifying data and processes with significant quality issues and provides the opportunity for improvement.
Ø  Enhancing ability to plan for and measure strategic initiatives and to determine impacts of changing models, environments, and market conditions by providing enhanced analytics.
Ø  Enabling consolidation of information silos for the master data.
Ø  Facilitating the most appropriate use of resources and budget dollars in the technology and business environments.
Ø  Providing consolidated enterprise information to accelerate the business decision process to support key organizational initiatives.
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